Items , STart Items and in-game changes

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Items , STart Items and in-game changes Empty Items , STart Items and in-game changes

Post by trollface on Wed May 22, 2013 12:33 pm

hello guys , i got some suggestions for you so please just read them and vote:

1.start items, i saw few discutions about this , i sugget you for CBT to add leave this items + more ses/ases non-tradeable so like this we can choose our destiny in finall game phase xD
2.OBT/final phase i will say 1 monkey 1ses/1ases non tradeable( in case of low drop rate just make them 3 to 5 ses/ases so like this you will not destroy game economy), same buff scrolls , 1exp 1 m.kill solo to make us easy lvling till 50 ( most important part of game 2nd skills) and this 2 talismans 15x stats etc for 7 days to boost us up in fisrt part of game ( make then non-tradeable )
3. exp i can say a bit higher with 5x,,drop rate,hmm, i know is hard with this 3x weapon stats to find a good drop rate but i think you are good dev's and you can find a way to solved
4.rare/unq forge rate a bit higher ( ive got faild first unq dagger xD and this is crap) dlvling and stats ref a bit higher to boost low lvl pvp so you can avoid lvl 110 rpk lvl 50 with 1 hit Smile
5.low lvl boss drops to be changed too if exp rate will be same or lower so like this low lvl players can enjoy the game too ( more fun in pvp at low lvls , as we know lvling is boring thats why most of us drop irohan)
6. a good a balanced IM and non-donators gameplay so if you can make costumes / fusion pets / talisman ( not all of them) to be tradeable in game so like this your game enconomy and enjoy of non-donators players will be higher ( for a ncie community) , IM price to be fair ( to not let us think you wanna scam us xD and run with our money after 3-4 months xD ) bot cheap but not that high as Urohan
7. more gm activity ( find some trust gm's from most of time zones europe/us/ etc to keep your community in safe , aoid hackers/scammers) , non corruption gm's.
8. i wanna sleep so keep this thread clean . xD


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Items , STart Items and in-game changes Empty Re: Items , STart Items and in-game changes

Post by Serah on Sat May 25, 2013 7:35 am

no monkey for obt pls Razz


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