Closed Beta is UP - 23-05-2013 UPDATE.

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Closed Beta is UP - 23-05-2013 UPDATE.  Empty Closed Beta is UP - 23-05-2013 UPDATE.

Post by Vulture on Mon May 20, 2013 9:13 am

Good evening Dream Rohan folks, after some time and delays we finally finished the patch including everything you're going to need in order to play in our Closed beta.

I'm going to give you instructions on how to log in, provide you with links and explain a little.

Current Server Rates:

- General Rates -

They are non definitive, and could be a subject to change in the future for future patches, further developing.

Experience Rates: 20x - Fair Enough.

Crone Rate: 1x - (Same as irohan, will be changed to higher later on open beta) - You're going to recieve a monkey which you can set to loot accessories from monster drops.

Drop Rate: 10x.

- Forge & Refine Rates -

Rare Forge: 70%
Unique Forge: 100%
Ancient: 100%

Applied to Armors and Weapons.

- How To Connect -

1. Download the International Rohan Client (irohan), if you don't have it already. It is imperative that you use the IRohan client, as if you're coming from another private server, such as urohan, or others. That file folder will not work to connect on Dream Rohan.

Irohan client can be downloaded here:

2. Download the Dream Rohan patch, this contains all the items, boss drops and everything we customized for closed beta testing, you will need to replace the files on your irohan folder. The patch will contain a Data folder, and some other folders, so what you need to do is:

- Go to the Rohan folder (The irohan you installed), and move in there the files provided within the patch, when it asks you if you want to replace, say yes.

You can download the Dream Rohan patch here: DreamRohanPatch_rar

Or in #!cNtDmbLR!emJqphhf5X4M3pse9GujNwTSCpQm6dnoCTaxI4hUlqU

23-05-2013 - UPDATE.

Please, download this batch file and replace it for the one within your DreamRohan folder to access the game properly and all its latest content. Thank you. DreamRohan_Start_bat

- Create An Account -

You will need to create a new account in this link:

- Log In The Game -

To successfully run Dream rohan, you'll need to click "DreamRohanStart" which is a .batch file, running on MS-DOS.

That will be all folks, welcome once again to closed beta. We hope you have fun.



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Closed Beta is UP - 23-05-2013 UPDATE.  Empty Re: Closed Beta is UP - 23-05-2013 UPDATE.

Post by timshel on Sat May 25, 2013 10:37 pm

is it just me or the batch download link isn't working ?


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